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Song Yao Ru, the father of Song Ailing, Song Qingling and Song Meiling, was born in Wenchang. When he was a teenager his uncle brought him to Boston, USA. After graduation he returned to China in 1886.  He met Dr Sun Yat Sen in 1892 in Shanghai and they became close friends. The Songs have three sons and three daughters.  It was the great father who had the Chinese and western educational background and his liberal thinking that brought up a successful family especially the three  Song sisters. Song Qingling, was a loyalist to Dr Sun, the revolutionary leader who succeeded in over throwing the Qing dynasty in 1910.  Photo centre: Three Li sisters from Penang posed with the portrait of the three Song sisters at the Song Qing Ling's ancestral home in Wenchang
Breath taking scene in Xing Long (兴隆), an important tourist resort along the north south highway. Here you can relax in the swimming pool filled with hot spring water  Guanyin-on-the-sea (海上观音) is in Sanya. Entrance fee is payable to reach the site; you may opt to ride the tour car that brings you to the various sites ...... website         Lu Hui Tou (鹿回头) also in Sanya. There is a fairy tale: about a young male hunter and the deer which  in that crucial moment turned into a pretty girl . . . .

The sea port as seen from the hill top in Sanya city, the southern most city of China, where Miss World Pageant were held in 3 consecutive years in 2003, 2004 and 2005 Confucius Temple (孔庙) in Wenchang (left) and Confucius statue (right). The Temple was built to honour Confucius, a great Chinese scholar, philosopher, politician and educationist whose teachings influence the Chinese around the world since more than 2000 years ago and until today
Moon Bay - viewed from Tong Gu Hill  (铜鼓铃) located south-west of Haiko city.  The hill top is accessible by cars and vans.  This beach lies along the way to the Haikou railway station on the Bin Hai Road (滨海大道). December to February are comparatively cooler and less visitors come here. On other days, especially during weekends and holidays the beach is usually crowded 

The home of Hai Rui  (海瑞)  (1514 - 1587) , a politician well respected for his honesty and his dislike of  corruptive practices. In his many position as government official he upheld a clean and responsible policies and administration.  Musical fountain located in Dong Hu (East Lake) in Haikou, where the old town and the new town meet.  The spectacular display which starts from 8 pm daily and last for an hour  is the latest attraction at night since January 2007. Century Bridge, Haikou: Construction works commenced in April 1998 and completed in early 2003 at a cost of RMB667 millions.  There are 6 vehicle lanes with pedestrian walk on both sides. The bridge is 2.7 km long and 30 m width. 

Tian Ya Hai Jiao, literally means "end of the world" attracts many visitors throughout the year. This location is really one of the most remote and farthest place the emperors of ancient China  can think of to banish those official whom they thought deserved punishment. It is with this historical background that many tourists come here to see this rock (right photo) which have  2 Chinese characters, Hai Jiao (海角), engraved on it.  Boao Forum for Asia main objective (6E): Economic forum; Exchange of information; Evaluation based research; Exhibition & Exposition; Education & training and E-services . . . .  website
The highest peak in Haikou, the capital city of Hainan, reaches 222.8 m above sea level Mother (Ghee Kim Eng) and son (Cheang Zhe Sheng) at the former ancient volcanic crater site near Haikou  Wild animals are tamed to entertain the tourists in Sanya


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