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The bicycle lane along Haifu Road  in Haikou city: walk along the way you feel cool, clean and comfort 

Typical bus terminal - the display board carries departure time, destination, towns en route, distance and fare Wenchang city (70km from Haikou) bus terminal where you can board a bus from here for Hong Kong
The road leading to Shi Bi, a   town 10km east of Qionghai city where Boao, Forum for Asia secretariat  is located nearby An ambulance in response to a call by the resident in Shi Bi; three medical staff passed through the small lane to reach the sick  Tricycle, a mode of transport commonly seen  in the urban rural township like Wenchang, Qionghai and similar places
Mr Yu (right) led two groups of fellow Hainanese to trace their respective ancestral home: one at Jia  Tun (会文,家屯) and the other at Ming Men (迈号,名门). The meet was really emotional Haikou railway station: train leaves Haikou for Guangzhou daily at 18:48 hr and from Guangzhou to  Haikou at 22:26 hr. The 794 km journey takes 12 hours; one way fare with berth: RMB257 Six lane drive way in the heart of Haikou; a very pleasant, clean and systematic scene but quite a surprise - a U-turn in the middle of the road 
2006 Hainan Agricultural Trade Fair (1-3 December 2006) opening ceremony; the exhibition is held annually To the Chinese, the world alike, red symbolize good luck, prosperity and good omen; this flower is called Fire Bird (火鸟) This annual event drew variety of visitors: tourists, producers, suppliers, ordinary local folks and others
Hainan is an ideal place to produce tropical agricultural products due to its geographical location. With the help of modern agro technology and methodology the quality should be able to match international standard; this Fair is a good platform and an opportunity for the local producers to build up their marketing network and to expose their produces to the outside world at large. Photo: dragon fruit plants (left), jack fruits (centre) and chilly, star fruits, papaya (right) 
A section of the exhibition hall near the entrance, even the carpet is red in colour Display with flowers outside the exhibition venue titled: Haikou Welcome You
A scene at the Haikou old town, near the Dong Hu (East Lake)days before the Lunar New Year which fell on 18 Feb 2007  Motor cycles, bicycles and the crowd jammed at the cross road in Fu Cheng (府城) ) a good shopping paradise at night Coconut palm trees line up the Haikou city main road with red lantern being added during the new year
Spring cleaning was also carried out in commercial building: here the signboard is being cleaned up


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